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Current Music:Summertime Blues-Blue Cheer
Subject:There ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues
Time:09:59 pm
Current Mood:groggywha...?
Man, its been a while.
ok...so kill's millions still isnt finished. I swear that this song is going to drive me insane. I'm not going to be writing a long epic song for quite a while after this.
I have at least 2 or 3 other simple songs I'm writing right now. So maybe we can knock them off the top after i'm done with "millions".
Aside from my band, I think i'm doing alright. Bored out of my skull, but doing just fine. Man, I miss talking to people. My social points certainly are lacking these days.

well, since absolutely nothing else is going on and i'm tired out of my skull, i think i'll go to bed.

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Current Music:How Do You Sleep? - John Lennon
Time:01:02 pm
Current Mood:frustratedgnaAaAaAaAaaaaah!!!!
Kill's Millions is NOT finished.

There is almost no progress on our cd.

when will my band start living up to my standards?
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Current Music:In My Time of Dying-Led Zeppelin
Time:11:15 am
Current Mood:bouncyKill's Millions
Kill's Millions is going to be done! TODAY!
Man, last practice went so well as far as writing parts. We got the verse and chorus complete and started work on lyrics....
I think the verse went something like

Don't you think it’s just so smooth?
It won’t take but a little while
Baby, It wont take long, watch me move
Cause I Kill Millions with my smile

Marke and me did the verse one line at a time.... I (if I can recall correctly) thought up "it won’t take but a little while" and "I kill millions with my smile"
He got the other 2 lines and then I think he handled all the lyrics for the chorus (which I don’t know). Its a song about being so awesome and conceded that you believe your smile can make millions of people faint. Yeah... Cause you know, I'm so damn conceded. This is definitely Marke's theme song.

We're probably going to be doing some recording today as well, so I might have a good version of this to share with you by tommorow!


Oh...Btw... I should probably explain why I spell it "Kill's Millions" with the
'. Its because the band I am in now, The Deep Grey, was made when Me and Marke's band by the same name died as our drummer, bassist, and rhythm guitarist quit (I'm starting to think because of in-fighting). So anyway, when they left me and the markemeister thought we were done for. The next day I ran into Matt Mciver, who i knew played drums. I asked him if he would join, He informed me that he was in another band already but agreed to jam with us. After that jam, he was so exited he quit the other band to join THE DEEP GREY permanently. When we needed a bassist, he suggested Wilhelm Otto, from his old band (Called Kill's Millions.) Eventually we decided that a rhythm guitarist was neccesary and Wilhelm suggested Chase Burkey, also from his old band. By the time we had chase, we had absorbed nearly all of the members of Kill's Millions. We killed Kill's Millions. All that remains of Kills millions now is Phil Menzel and Matthew Trader. I kinda feel bad about stealing their band. But, Kill's Millions was based on a song they were going to write about a guy named Kill who took over the world and became a millionare. So all those millions belonged to Kill. Kill's Millions. Now, however, the song is just about some guy with an ego.

good fun... good fun.
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Current Music:How I want "Kill's Millions" to work out in my head.
Subject:schooooooool's out for summer!
Time:11:43 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
'm still trying to cope with the fact that I wont have to wake up till noon for the next 2months. Summer just kind of snuck up on me this year.

Last night I went and practiced with my band. We're working on this song called "kill's millions" and I can tell this is the song I've been trying to release from my head for months. However, it wont be easy at all. This is really the first project I think i've been working on without any help or input from Marke, and while it gives me a great sense of musical release, I feel really overwhelmed. We didn't get much accomplished other than deciding what the drums would be doing underneath the main riff and chorus. We also worked out the intro parts for bass and rhythm guitar. I think the bass part is going to be most difficult for me. I'm trying to get Wilhelm to break free from just following me or chase, I want him to be more tight with the drums, but we have to keep in mind that he is human and cant play at the speed of light, so I've decided that it would be best for him to follow the rhythm of the bass drum only. Now if only we had a practice PA so i could hear the bass drum at all! Matt and I are out numbered in terms of loudness by our bandmates, which isn't brilliant considering Matt keeps the pace, and I'm the lead! Not much we can do until matt gets drum mics and we get a PA, and for myself....an amp with more than 50 watts and 1X12 speaker. I NEED A STACK!

I'm gonna go listen to some Zeppelin to try and figure out how Bonzo and Jonesy get their part's so tight!

Sorry for all the musical/rock band/guitar jargon in this entry.
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Current Music:Blue Cheer- Out of Focus
Subject:I'm Like a Rock Inside Your Socks.
Time:07:11 am
Current Mood:blankOut Of Focus....

the recording of frustration is off of our crappy demo:
Too cheap to buy a 4-track (Not very produced by:Marke Mcquown and Matt Mciver)

our next scheduled gig is at the knights of colombus on july 1st.

working on a good quality full-length album w/all of our songs and then some.
Our members include
Adam Young-Lead Guitar (The Screamin' Deamon!)
Chase Burkey-Rhythm Guitar (soo italian)
Wil Otto-Bass (Wilhelm)
Matt Mciver- Drums (The Beast from the Middle East)
Marke McQuown-Vocals (Spelled with an E)

for a copy of "too cheap....4-track" ask matt or marke, cause i dont have any.
for a shirt....dunno...we're running out...getting some new designs this summer.
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Current Music:The sounds of my band in my head from our gig today.
Subject:Today has been QUITE an interesting day.
Time:10:18 pm
Current Mood:flirtytoo badass for an eyepatch
Holy Moly.
Ok, so yesterday we got some news about our gig today from the promoter and we got upset and decided we weren't playing. That was ok with me, so informed everyone that the gig was cancelled. So I get to school and run into matt, who is just putting away his cell phone. He says, "Marke just called, we're gonna play the show now."
Ok, its not that i didnt want to play the show, but I had already told my mom that she would not have to worry about getting me back. I'm not gonna see her before I have to leave for the gig (keep in mind, yesterday I got yelled at for going to band practice "without 24 hours notice"
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Holy Moly.
Ok, so yesterday we got some news about our gig today from the promoter and we got upset and decided we weren't playing. That was ok with me, so informed everyone that the gig was cancelled. So I get to school and run into matt, who is just putting away his cell phone. He says, "Marke just called, we're gonna play the show now."
Ok, its not that i didnt want to play the show, but I had already told my mom that she would not have to worry about getting me back. I'm not gonna see her before I have to leave for the gig (keep in mind, yesterday I got yelled at for going to band practice "without 24 hours notice" <which, by the way, I did give>)
My mom was diagnosed with lyme disease yesterday, so she's going to be in pain for X amount of time, until the anti-biotics kick in. I end up having to leave a long not explaining where I am and why and how i had no choice, and that she shouldnt have to worry about picking me up, it was my mess so i would get out of it.
Got a ride to the warehouse that my band practices at from Chase. We get there and matt's tuning his drumset because somethings wrong. That can take hours to do. We worked on it, but we got there at like 4:00 and needed to be at the show at 5:00 so we rushed and left with sloppy drums. BTW.... there was a ton of trouble getting enough transportation to bring us and our stuff... so we split up....Me and Marke bring the amps and guitars with Chase's Mother and Will, Matt, and Chase take care of the drums with Mr. Otto.

We get there and unload our stuff....The time was like...4:44
so we get all the stuff out begin to set up. We're set up at 4:54, exept for drums, cause they hadn't made it to ccisp yet. They dont show up till 5:25. We were expected to start at 5:30, so that was a big blood pressure tease.

We get up in time... do the sound check... the shoddy PA is running, and we start the set. All goes well, except i got a real nasty cut on my middle finger (picking hand) from doing a wind mill (ala pete townsend) and slicing it on my e string. My Pickguard and Neck Pickups are kind of smeared with blood. However, I thought that the music was right on
We played
Back To The Playground
Ride (The Vines cover)
and then NYC

This is our first gig ever where we didnt play Red Raw at all....:(
However, you probably didnt go, so you dont even know what these songs are like. Marke, I must say had an EXTREMELY good night as far as vocal work goes, or at least thats what I heard from my monitor. We got the thing on video tape (thanks Mr. Otto) so we might sell that, I havent gotten to watch it yet. I got alot of complements about my solo on NYC, as I usually do (because it is KICK ASS!).

By this point I had forgotten I had no permision to be there... I couldnt get a ride home till 9:30. I got kind of worried on the in between spots...
It worked out cause no one is angry with me. I am in a good mood because I felt we did a great job.
We're gonna be putting out a full length album which was due this tuesday....But i dont think its gonna happen...Had some delays....Plus, I doubt any of us will be alive on sunday, the day we were supposed to commence recording.
So, Its not gonna be out till after school lets out...which i'm not thrilled about because i dont get to give it to alot of my friends.

I'm frikin tired.... so i'm gonna go hit the couch....
yay for burkey.
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Current Music:The Blue Van
Subject:Its All Right now
Time:09:46 pm
Current Mood:sillystill too badass for an patch.
ok... I'm cooled down.
My speech went well, I got to show off my madd skillz at guitar, my stuff didnt get stolen or broken!

I'm doing just fine!
OH! i found the best NEW band in the world today. They're called "The Blue Van"(www.thebluevan.com). They are a retro rock/r&b band. I'm so glad to find some REAL R&B as opposed to the crap they give us today. (because what it's really called is urban pop) I could describe them as a blend of Zeppelin, The WHO, Steppenwolf, Free, and maybe even the pre-gilmour Pink Floyd.

They rock. Check em out.
Oh yeah,
The show on friday actually begins at 5:00. tHE DEEP GREY will not dissapoint you. We got NEW SONGS, NEW GEAR, and a NEW ATTITUDE towards our music.
I'm psyched.
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Current Music:You never give me your money- The beatles
Time:04:55 pm
Current Mood:enragedToo Hot.
I swear on the name of Les Paul#1 that is hot! Hot in here, Hot out there, Hot hot hot....everywhere...so hot it makes you want to create a lame dr.seuss type rhyme.
Today was sucky....actually....no it wasnt... alot of good stuff happened today....BUT IT WAS HOT.
I am developing a heat migrane. Why isn't the air conditioning on? I dont care how early in the year it is! Its hot!
Not turning on the ac because its too early in the year is like saying your not gonna......................ok, i cant think of anything....
why cant i think of anything?
God...Why? I need to write a speech tonight and i cant even think straight because of all this heat.
Its not even HOT HOT heat. Its heat within dense, difficult to breath air. This sucks.
I'm starting to think all this hair was a bad idea.....NO! stay strong adam! Remember, the kids with cancer are counting on you to grow them a wig for their little chemotherapy balded heads.......poor bald children...ok...I gotta leave and get back to work on my speech....WHY!!!
Maybe i'll stop by the pool first....
shoulda' started this speech a month ago, when it was assigned....
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Current Music:Come On (let the good times roll) - Jimi Hendrix
Time:05:17 pm
Current Mood:gigglytoo badass to buy an eyepatch
Yeah, just got back from jamming with Matt, Will, and Phil. It would have been an anderson council practice, but for some reason Wilhelm showed up with his NEW Fender Presicion Jazzmaster Deluxxxe Bass. So we were like....well we dont know Gary's phone number anyway.....
sorry gary.
It went well, except for the fact that we got nothing done. Aint that the way. Anyway, we were gonna have a Deep Grey practice but mark couldn't make it. This means there was no weekend practice the week before we have 2 shows!!! Gasp...
ROCK SHOW!! JUNE10 CCISP (1405 S Salisbury Blvd
Salisbury, MD 21801)
go to that link for a map and more in depth directions. I do believe the shindig starts at....umm....8:00 pm.

our OTHER gig is on the 11th but its a private birthday party.... (for whom? I dunno.)
But The Deep Grey Rocks.... so if i were you.... I'd scrounge up 5 dollars (cinco dolores for all you spanish speaking readers). For those of you who dont already know, we recorded a HORRIBLE sound quality demo called "too cheap to buy a 4-track" it has 3 tracks, 2 of which are music. Done with a cassete Recorder and a computer Mic. Not that great, but 99.9% of the profits made off of that cd go to the NEW GUITARS AND AMPS FOR STARVING CHILDREN NAMED ADAM AND CHASE foundation. You should bring like 1 or 2 dollars more for it. I dont even know if we'll have it... but be ready just in case.

i guess thats it.............................
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Current Music:Nobody's Fault But Mine-Led Zeppelin
Subject:The Day After My Birthday Blues
Time:09:24 pm
Current Mood:pleasedpleased
Yeah, yesterday was my birthday. I got too many cd's to name off the top of my head.
oK....After further review, I now own
Revolver-Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, Good News For People Who Love Bad news-Modest Mouse, Electric Ladyland-Jimi Hendrix, Presence-Led Zeppelin, The Who Sells Out, The Doors, and more I probalby cant find right now.
I stayed home all day and got a suprise visit from Matt and Matt (Mciver and Trader) who were skipping and brought me an energy drink and some donuts. That brightened up my day. Then my mom stopped home with a chinese food lunch which was good. I listened to music and played the guitar and then went out to dinner at Fudruckers, where my sister was working. I knew they were planning to do that thing where the waiters come and clap and sing and make a public disturbance in the restuarant so that afterwards you can hear the people talking about how annoying it is from other tables, so when i saw them whipping up some hot fudge and picking up a camera, I made a dash to the bathroom. I stalled in there, in a stall for like 10 minutes when they called over the PA to tell me to get back to my table. So I did it reluctantly. Then we got it overwith and ate some icecream, and left.

This morning got to sleep in because I dont have algebra! hAAHAHAH! I had the traditional day after birthday cakebreakfast, and listened to my new CD's for about an hour or 2. I wore my cool, new, totally pimp-ed ouuUUUtTtT blazer that my sister got for me and custyomized with iron on letters as a birthday gift. Gary stole one of the vintage beatles pins (from the 60s) i put on it for his blazer. So I was like, "whatever, just get it back to me before the end of the day". Nothing much happened at school exept for a super extreme game of UNO in english class where I totally kicked everyones ass.

My band (The Deep Grey) was supposed to have a gig tonight but it got cancelled. It was dissapointing (and a heck of a waste of pre-show hype), but we got together and jammed at the warehouse to make up for it. Well, actually not all of us were there. Wilhelm's bass broke (aGaIn!!) so he left to have it repaired before I even showed up. Chase had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so he was EXTREMELY drugged out and had humongous cheeks. He was kind of embarrased about that, so to make him feel better we all played our instruments with our cheeks puffed out. It made us laugh while we were playing which resulted in some screw ups, but it was fun anyway. I had fun and me and mark didnt argue at all. Plus, we wrote this cool, old style blues song called "lost in a coma".

So that was fun.
Well, I cant think of anything else to say.

Adam "The Animal" Young
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